Claimed credits are those unavailable to claim or purchase through the incentive program.
2012 Architecture 101 Yang Seo-Yeon (Young)
2016 "Dream" Duet Collaboration
2016 Uncontrollably Fond Noh-Eul
2016 "Ring My Bell" Uncontrollably Fond OST
2016 "When Its Good" Uncontrollably Fond OST
2017 While You Were Sleeping Nam Hong-Ju
2017 "I Love You Boy" While You Were Sleeping OST
2017 "Words I Want to Hear" While You Were Sleeping OST
2017 Yes? No? Solo EP
2018 Faces of Love Solo EP
2019 Vegabond Go Hae-Ri

2010 Ghost Baek Hyung-Wook
2010 Secret Garden Han Tae-Sun
2012 As One Choi Kyung-Sub
2012 R2B: Return to Base First Lieutenant Ji Seok-hyun
2013 No Breathing Jeong Woo-Sang
2013 School 2013 Go Nam-soon
2013 The Face Reader Kim Jin-Hyeong
2016 W Kang Chul
2016 Gogh, The Starry Night Song Dae-Ki (Cameo)
2016 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Jong-Suk (Cameo)
2016 7 First Kisses Lee Jong Suk
2016 "Love Is" MV Appearance
2017 V.I.P. Kim Gwing-Il
2017 While You Were Sleeping Jung Jae-Chan
2017 "Come to Me" While You Were Sleeping OST
2017 "Would You Know" While You Were Sleeping OST
2018 The Hymn of Death Kim Woo-Jin
2019 Romance is a Bonus Book Cha Eun-Ho

Open credits are those that, for one reason or another, have been unclaimed by the umbrella credit claim. These roles are available for purchase using the incentive program. All credits, however, must fit within the release year, so if you claim something in 2014, it must also be applicable in that same year.
2010 Bad But Good Single Album (Miss A)
2010 Step Up Single Album (Miss A)
2011 A Class Studio Album (Miss A)
2011 "Dream High" Dream High OST
2011 "Winter Child" Dream High OST
2011 "So Many Tears" Me Too, Flower OST
2012 "You're My Star" Dream High 2 OST
2012 "I Still Love You" Big OST
2012 Touch EP (Miss A)
2012 Independent Women Part III EP (Miss A)
2013 Hush Studio Album (Miss A)
2013 "Don't Forget Me" Gu Family Book OST
2015 Colors EP (Miss A)
2015 "Why Am I like This" The Time We Were Not In Love OST

2005 Sympathy Lee Han-Sol
2010 Prosecutor Princess Lee Woo-Hyun
2011 High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged Ahn Jong-Suk
2012 My Prettiest Moments Yoon Jung-Hyuk
2013 I Can Hear Your Voice Park Soo-Ha
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 Jong-Suk (Cameo)
2014 Hot Young Bloods Kang Joong-Gil
2014 Doctor Stranger Park Hoon
2014 Pinocchio Ki Ha-Myung