Inspired by the incentive systems at games like ~skylines and in Persona 5, we’re implementing our own sort of incentive system! Members of the game may earn incentive points by interacting with other members and posting additional updates above and beyond what is required for monthly activity as well as participating in special plots and events. With this, we hope to promote further activity among members in a different way than before as well as provide extras like update passes and in character rewards to members to make for a more well-rounded interactive experience.

Participation in the incentive system is voluntary. You’re not required to participate in the incentive system to be a part of the game, so if it isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry! If you have any questions about the incentive system, feel free to leave questions in the Members’ Dropbox.
how it works
Each member will receive 20 Points upon acceptance to the game to be distributed to their character as they please within a series of social stats as explained below. If your character is particularly friendly, they may have more in Charm whereas if your character is a daredevil, they may have more in guts; but whatever the distribution is, the total amount of points is 20.

After the initial distribution of points, members can add points by participating in activities, interacting with other characters or posting narratives and other entries beyond the required updates per month. These posts will earn points based on the below points system which will be updated each month with different themes to promote a variety of subjects for players to write and interact with.

• Charm & Kindness
• Guts
• Knowledge
• Proficiency

After the initial distribution of points into the four categories above, members will be able to add or remove points by participating in activities, interacting with other characters, posting beyond the update requirements and even by finding a few Easter eggs that may be hidden throughout the game from time to time. The points earned are determined by the point system below with certain posts and/or certain themes earning points in certain categories. Posts that are dropped off for incentive points will not count for monthly activity.

Members have a month to earn and spend as many points as they wish. At the end of each activity cycle, points will reset to the initial distribution (with a few exceptions such as purchasing point freeze passes or permanent additions granted by the moderators during special events).
Just as in life, not everything is positive and sometimes you want to write an extra post about angst, grief or something that may negatively impact their character and that’s okay! Members have the option of investing point into the Antis category to negatively impact their stats. These Antis points can be distributed over any of your stats. If your character has a bout of stage fright, it may negatively impact their Guts or if they go through a break up, it may negatively impact their Charm and their Guts. It is up to the member where these Antis points go!
point values
To participate in the incentives system, each member is required to leave their initial distribution of points in the incentives post so that the moderators can track additions as they come in. To add points, simply reply to this initial comment with a link to the piece of activity, the number of points it earns and what stats it updates in the event there are duplicate options or removal from various stats.

Themes for these categories will change each month, affectingly primarily narratives and threads under each category. Sometimes there will be a specific theme to follow, sometimes there will be any theme and sometimes there will be none at all! Just keep an eye on this page at the start of the month to see what happens!

Themed Playlist (10+ Songs) -2 Points
Threaded Scene with 2000+ Words -4 Points
Narrative with 600+ Words -3 Points
Narrative with 1000+ Words -6 Points

Commenting an Introduction Post 0.5 Points
Hosting a Community Event (i.e. Chats, Games, etc.) 2 Points
Hosting Plotting Post for Events 3 Points
Threaded Scene with 2000+ Words 4 Points

Commenting an Introduction Post 0.5 Points
2 Extra Random Posts a Month 3 Points
Threaded Scene with 2000+ Words 4 Points
Narrative with 600+ Words 3 Points

Posting a News or Magazine Article 2 Points
Themed Playlist (10+ Songs) 2 Points
Threaded Scene with 2000+ Words 4 Points
Narrative with 600+ Words 3 Points

PROFICIENCY • Any Positive Theme
2 Extra Random Posts a Month 3 Points
Themed Playlist (15+ Songs) 4 Points
Threaded Scene with 4000+ Words Per Writer 6 Points
Narrative with 2000+ Words 10 Points

reward options
What do members do with these points? Well, there are a few options! Members can use their stat points to unlock out of character passes and in character access to events and other in game scenarios. While these are heavily focused on the faux celebrity side of the game given the prevalence of popular culture in South Korea, we will do our best to make sure there is something for everyone!

While there is no limit on how many points you can accumulate or spend over the course of a month nor is there any limit on when you can unlock certain incentives, your stats determine what you can unlock. In character incentives cross stats meaning someone may need 10 Points in Charm and 10 Points in Guts to participate in an “Audition” put on by our in game entertainment company, Hallyu Hit. To “Sign a Contract”, someone will need 30 Points in Charm, Guts and Proficiency. Failure to meet the criteria will result in the incentive remaining unlocked.

For out of character incentives, points will be removed from your stats in an even distribution. For example, if you want an update pass for half of your monthly activity, 10 Points will be removed across all stats and your points will reset at the end of the month. In the case of those purchasing Freeze Passes, 10 Points will be removed similarly, but then they will stay for an extra month. Once passes are used, they are removed from the player.

Point Freeze for One Month 10 Points
Update Pass for One Portion of Activity 15 Points
Update Pass for Two Portions of Activity
(Does not count towards Extension Count)
30 Points

Tour of Management Company 10 Points
Event Tickets (i.e. Fansign, Music Show, etc.) 10 Points
Management Event Tickets (i.e. SMTOWN Wonderland, etc.) 30 Points
Business Opening or Upgrade 20 Points

Audition Spot 10 Points
Cameo Appearance (Film, TV, MV, etc.) 10 Points
Commerical Appearance 10 Points
Album Recording 20 Points
Film/Movie Role 20 Points
Off-Credit Film Role 15 Points
Promo Event (i.e. Fansign, Music Show, etc.) 20 Points
Contract Signing (Requires Open Talent Slot) 30 Points
Artist Debut (Solo) 30 Points
Artist Debut (Group) 40 Points

Talent Slot (Solo) 75 Points
Talent Slot (Group) 95 Points
Management Event (i.e. SMTOWN Wonderland, etc.) 50 Points