welcome to ~juso!
~juso is a writing and interaction-driven played by community designed for those dedicated to their character, their writing, and who are willing to step outside of the box both in characterization and on the friend page. We hope to provide an easy-going role playing experienced with moderator-run activities and game-wide plots and, in turn, hope that members bring their own to the table.

Our number one rule is a simple one: please avoid ooc and ic line crossing. we would love to see in-character drama, creating a well-rounded experience, but do not tolerate bullying or harrassment. Should such occurrences be brought to the attention of the moderators, we will do what we can to rectify the situation which may include warning or removal from the community. We do not want members to be afraid of branching out, so please be friendly, courteous, and open-minded!

Our current character limit is three. Please consider your available before bringing in a second or third character. If you are not active with the first, including commenting other players, or have requested a considerable amount of extensions with one character, the moderators reserve the right to refuse future application. If you are removed for inactivity, you are welcome to reapply with an entry of some form.

Once you're in, if things don't feel right with the chosen played by, feel free to request a change of face in the Member's Dropbox! There are no limits on PB changes, but we do ask you keep your change for a week before deciding to change it again!

faux celebrity
We are welcoming and accepting of faux celebrity claims, but if we find everyone joining as an idol, we will place a cap on such applications until we see a finer balance between characters. When you claim a celebrity's credits, you claim the whole of their body of work, but you can pick and choose what you use and what you don't.

If you are picking the member of a group, please note that while you do have access to the group's body of work, they cannot be released as solo projects. Should credits to other members of established groups be claimed, please consider reaching out to the players involved to collaborate, especially if a precedenct of use has already been established. Solo works (e.g. Min Yoongi's Agust D as a separate project from BTS) can be recorded, used, released, etc. at any time at your own discretion.

how to join
Applying is simple! You need an OOC journal with no extra letters, numbers or underscores), a cleared friends list, post-dated IC and OOC contact posts, and a few basic details about your character—just something to touch on your concept briefly, including name, age, occupation, etc. If you're applying a celebrity, we will need to know the claim you're using as well. We’re not asking for biographies (though they are welcome) with hopes to streamline the process to get everyone right into interacting and writing.

For examples, we would like to see a minimum of one scene and one narrative, though you are more than welcome to provide more if you’d like. If there are issues that we feel can be immediately addressed, we will contact you; otherwise, if your application was deleted, your character has been rejected. You are welcome to ask via the Dropbox why your character was rejected and we will provide as much feedback as needed. If you are applying a second or third character, you do not need to re-submit examples. However, you will need to disclose your currently active characters to the moderator to maintain character limits.

Please note that when picking up a second or third character, you cannot apply with a member of the same group. The only exception to this rule is if a former member has gone solo and is no longer part of a group. For example, someone could have a character with the face of Byun Baekhyun and apply one with the face of Kris Wu as Kris Wu is no longer a part of EXO. However, someone who already has a character with the face of Lalisa Manoban cannot also apply as Jennie Kim being they are both current BLACKPINK members. This is to avoid face hogging within popular groups as there are many faces to pick from.

Please keep your character’s ethnicity the same as your played by’s. If your PB is Korean, don’t make them Japanese, half-Chinese, half-Taiwanese, etc. Please keep that level of separation at the very least. A character can be adopted into a different ethnic family as long as there is no real relation there. Should you wish to change your PB from one ethnicity to another, please contact the moderators so we can guide you through the process of re-application.

Once you’re accepted, you will be expected to post an introduction in ~arirang, our catch-all community, within a week. Failure to do so will result in removal.

activity requirements
As we are aiming for a laid back atmosphere, we require one update to your character's journal per month. These can be two posts of any kind: narratives, Instagram posts (single, multiple, or full page), lyric posts, mood/inspiration boards, AMA/FFAs, magazine articles, etc. With the exception of single line posts, generally it will be counted. We want to make the friends page active and enjoyable for all members, so please interact where you can!

While Discord, Wire, etc. are great ways to keep in touch with characters quickly, please note that the game occurs within the journals, not messenger applications. These do not count for activity.

We ask that members don't skirt around by the bare minimum and participate where they can on the friends page, and if it becomes an issue, it may be grounds for a warning, denial of additional characters, or removal. If you are in need of a hiatus, lasting until a specific date chosen by the member, or an extension, which lasts until the next set of adds/removals, you can always comment the Member Dropbox.


Located near Hongik University, the fictional apartment complex of Hongdae Towers serves as the primary connecting point for characters though the expanse of Seoul (and beyond) are available for characters to explore! Hongdae is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainment. It was built on artistic souls since the 1990s, quick to gain a reputation as the mecca of urban arts and underground club culture and attracting both independent and mainstream entertainers.

Including single units with their own amenities (not shown), there are a number of floor plans for characters to step into if they want to room with one, two, even three roommates or have families with them. While you don't necessarily have to pick a floorplan, we wanted to provide some reference of what spaces may look like. There are also two penthouse layouts (not shown) for those with the won to pay for them.